Affiliate Membership Benefits

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate membership is open to graduates from Vocational Courses.  

This membership is by invitation only and costs £49 per year.

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  • Promote yourself
  • Upload Photo Albums
  • Upload Videos
  • Post Articles
  • Send messages to other members

 As well as...

A FREE subscription to our beautiful annual members magazine, AMRITA.  

Our Expectations

Yoga Alliance Professionals is a member driven organisation, we rely on our members to work together to provide excellent resources for everyone. We require some commitment from you in order for our ethos to work and in return this will grow the value of your membership with us.  

Part of our ethos is that we grow together. It is important that you display your Yoga Alliance Professionals logo on your website and social media. The more visibility we get, the more exposure you get.  

Yoga Alliance Professionals encourage but do not require a specific amount of further training per year.

Use the following links if you would like to find out the requirements for registering as a Yoga Teacher Member. If you have further queries, do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 0131 659 9922 or by using our Contact Form.