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This first issue illustrates the wonderful diversity of yoga and our contributors range from student teachers through to senior teachers, showcasing how yoga has evolved to meet the challenges and needs of the present day. The theme that unites all of the contributors is Skill In Action (from the Bhagavad Gita).  

This first edition includes features from Ana Forest, Deborah Berryman, James Mallinson and Alessandra Pecorella 

AMRITA MAGAZINE - Second Edition

This edition delves into the the question of what constitutes yoga, the roots of yoga and the shift we are seeing today in moving away from dogmatism into the growing openness of yoga being a force for good in communities, rather than a means to self- enrichment.  

This second edition includes features from Sri Dharma Mittra, Mark Singleton, Charlotta Martinus and Jo Manuel.  


This edition questions the real essence of yoga, from Western modified asanas to some more esoteric practices such as Kechari mudra (as depicted on the front cover). Is yoga a solitary discipline or community enterprise? This edition explores all of these questions in beautifully written, enriched articles.  

This third edition includes features from Eddie Stern, James Mallinson, Matthew Sweeney and Christopher Wallis.

AMRITA MAGAZINE - Fourth Edition

This edition focuses on Yoga Therapy. What is Yoga Therapy? There are many definitions. This edition includes a number of case studies and practical examples of yoga being used therapeutically which will inspire the reader to come to some conclusions of thier own.

This fourth edition includes features from Tara Stiles, Dr. Chris Norris, Sarah Ramsden, and Dr. J. A. M Murray.

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