Meet The Team

Our dedicated team, located in Edinburgh, looks forward to supporting you in your yoga journey. We are a friendly bunch, happy to help where we can. 

Brian Cooper Director

Brian also teaches Thai Massage.

Bruce C. Mackay Director

Bruce is a professional drummer.

Kiran Jechand Member Engagement Team Leader

Kiran likes to travel and go on adventures. So far he has visited over 25 countries and he hopes to continue exploring more. Kiran has also participated in 2 marathons and hopes to run another next year!

Mark Keenan Account Executive

Mark is an identical twin!

Kirsty Darroch Communications and Systems Team Leader

When Kirsty was younger, she wanted to become a dinosaur. (she still hopes it may happen one day)

Aimeelee Williamson Communications and Systems Advisor

Aimee has been swimming with dolphins and also with sting rays (she was more at ease with the dolphins!) 

Kayleigh Knott Existing Account Manager

Kayleigh recently went Skydiving at 10,000 ft

Louise Wallace Brand Manager

Louise has watched Kelly Slater surf at bells beach at the world championships.

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Nardina Arico Business Partnership Ambassador

Nardina likes to be crafty and create her own things. Just now she really enjoys creating dresses. She has also featured in a music video when she was 18!  

Melissa Albarran Support Assistant

Melissa is related to Anjelica Huston!

Claire Campbell Head of Operations

Claire loves cooking, she has taken cooking classes in many parts of the world. She once took part in a ‘giving back’ event and made a meal with Cambodian farmers which included live ants! (she couldn’t eat them).

Dennis Millan Customer Success Agent

Dennis has 2 dogs that he rescued from Bolivia South America

Patrick Brunelle Head of Sales & Marketing

Patrick can speak 3 languages; Enlgish, French and Spanish!

Hours of Operation

Monday 09.00 to 6.00 Tuesday 09.00 to 6.00 Wednesday 09.00 to 12.30 1.30 to 6.00 Thursday 09.00 to 6.00 Friday 09.00 to 6.00 Saturday 10.00 to 4.00 Sunday Closed

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