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Trainee Teachers  

If you are currently registered with us as a Trainee Teacher and you graduate from your Training Course, you will find the upgrade option on your profile. You can simply select the button 'Upgrade Account' on your Dashboard and then 'Upgrade to Associate Teacher - Level 1 (Pending Approval)'. Once we have received your training certificate, your account will be activated and you can make use of all the benefits for our Full Teacher Membership.

Our Criteria

If you are applying as Yoga Teacher and were not already a trainee member with us, we have to confirm that your training course meets the following standards before we can approve your application:  

  • Your Training Course had a minimum of 200 Hours in total;
  • Your Training Course had a minimum of 90% Contact Hours (only face-to-face training, no online or Skype training can be counted as Contact Hours);
  • Of the contact hours, a minimum of 70% were taught by a Senior Yoga Teacher (min. 8 years and 4000 hours of teaching experience);
  • You had at least 2 years of strong personal yoga practice before enrolling on the training course.  

If you trained with one of our accredited Trainers, we already know that your course meets our standards and your application will be approved once our welcome call has been completed and you have put our logo and membership certificate on your profile and social media.

If you trained with a Trainer who is not registered with us, we will have to get in touch with them to confirm the above standards before we can process your application.  

Please note that we cannot make any exceptions if your course does not meet the standards mentioned above. 


Membership Only - £99 (Can be charged in USD$ or EUR€ if preferred)

Membership & Insurance - £148 (UK ONLY) or €168 (EIRE ONLY) 

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