Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited Trainer

Our Partnerships

It is of utmost importance to us that we build strong partnerships with our registered Trainers and Senior Yoga Teachers.  

We want to have excellent relations so that we are in a position to really know what you are offering and double checking that every course meets our high standards.  

We would also expect loyalty and support from our registered Trainers and Senior Yoga Teachers, so that together we can develop our reputation of excellence to share with the yoga world.

Why Partner With YAP?

  • Strengthen your reputation with an international accreditation body that holds excellent standards in yoga teaching.
  • Support your students throughout their whole teaching career, by joining them onto our Career Path.
  • Market your course better by including YAP Trainee membership and insurance.
  • Gain access to a network of well qualified yoga teachers.
  • Promote your courses directly to students seeking good quality training.
  • Your own profile page to fully promote your course with insider visibility - including ability to add photo albums from each course you run, videos, audio files for sequence talk-through’s or chanting.
  • Great rates on corporate insurance.
  • Advertise for teaching cover or rental of your studio space.
  • Offer discounts directly to potential students.
  • Expand your visibility by writing articles on your yoga teaching for YAP website (these are often shared on our social media).
  • Write for our highly acclaimed Amrita Yoga Magazine! - You can advertise in here too.
  • We're here to talk to you 6 days of the week.

Our Requirements

1.1 Who is teaching the course?  

  • The principal teacher must be teaching a minimum of 70% of the contact hours.
  • The criteria for who can teach the course will depend on what kind of course you register - see the options below.
  • It must be made clear who else is teaching on the course and what they are teaching.
  • All of the above information must be clear on your own website.  


1.2 Course content  

The required minimum course contact hours and total hours will depend on which course you register - see the options below.

1.3 How we assess your course  

  • The syllabus (a clear breakdown of the course) must be added to a specific page on your website dedicate to this particular course.
  • The hours of your course must be clear on this page.
  • The pre-requisite of being accepted onto this course (a minimum of 2 years yoga practice) must be stated on this page.

1.4 Completing registration  

  • The event dates must be added onto the YAP website, once you have access to your profile page.
  • Your Trainer profile page must be completed fully & used regularly to attract new students.
  • The YAP ‘Trainer’ logo must be added to your website on the home page and training course page.
  • You have 14 days to complete your application.  

1.5 How do we help your students?  

  • We will send you a pack with information on how we help your Trainees and Graduates.
  • We would expect you to take time to speak about your partnership with Yoga Alliance Professionals to your trainees and we can offer them FREE membership with us, and options to include insurance for the duration of the course.
  • The Trainer will need to send us a list of the successful graduates and we can start them on the YAP career path, so they are in the best position to start teaching.  

Foundation Courses

A basic training course to qualify people to become yoga teachers.

Vocational Courses

Aimed at yoga teachers and professionals in a given field, namely - Meditation, Kids, Teens, Pregnancy and Sports.  

Further Training Courses

Further training courses to develop the skills and knowledge for yoga teachers. These must be yoga related subjects.

Don't forget to find out if you need corporate insurance for your training course or studio!


£490 per course syllabus

This price includes :

£295 sign up fee per course £195 annual fee per course 

You must add up all course dates you are running

It is important to note that there is no guarantee of acceptence and your application fee is non-refundable.